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Tired of your big goals and plans being at the bottom of the pile? Daily Success Routine helps you manage life priorities while also achieving your ambitions. You'll learn a new easy way of managing the day without the overwhelm.

You'll start with creating a 90 day focus goal, breaking it down into manageable to-do's that you'll work towards on a daily basis. Each day helps you pick top 3 focus activities and track meetings and appointments. Take one day to plan the week, set soul goals and check in on your personal joy level with the happiness meter. You'll also get a inspiring set of video emails that will share our best lifestyle, planning and organization hacks.

Daily Success Routine is has no dates so you can start at anytime or restart if you get off track

 What's inside your planner:

  • Plan a year of 90 Day goals
  • Create Your Vision (include your magazine cut-outs)
  • Month at-a-glance calendar
  • Weekly reflection for successes and lessons learned
  • Daily planning pages that include work AND personal goals
  • Notes pages in the back of the book
  • Inspirational quotes shown throughout

PLUS manage life's priorities, set your calendar for the month, select the top 3 focus for the day, manage meetings and appointments, sketch out your vision for the quarter, create self-care mini goals, check-in on the happiness meter and follow a daily routine to achieve goals. The planner is not dated so you can start at anytime. Take this opportunity to grab one for you and a friend. Each planner comes with emailed video tutorials on managing life's priorities using the Daily Success Method.

This is a wire bound book so it's easy to rotate pages or tuck the book in your purse. Made using sustainable paper in the USA.

See how a Daily Success Routine can help you:

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