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This virtual retreat will give you the kick-in-the-skinny jeans you need to get to consistent five-figure months in your service business without burning out. If you’re done watching people win while you're stuck on the struggle bus, do not miss this event!

2-day Reset Retreat 

September 21-22, 2021

It’s time to eliminate negotiating your rates and trade your buffet of offers for a high-end signature service. Replace pushy high maintenance clients with quality clients that are happy to invest at a higher level to get bigger results. 

This Retreat will allow you to plan the next 6-months, identify and scrap what’s not working in your service business and show you the EXACT systems you need to create, enroll and deliver your services to premium clients with ease

Mark your calendars!
September 21st - 22nd

Session will run from
10am - 2pm EST

Tune in from anywhere, the sessions are taught live

Grab your cutest notebook and be ready to learn, plan, and take action!

Daily Success Routine was founded by Jamila Payne, a Marketing Executive and Business Strategist. Throughout her career, Jamila has lead marketing campaigns for non-profits, national brands and served as the Inaugural Director of an entrepreneurship center based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lived for 2 years and traveled to ten different countries on the continent of Africa.

Today, she's the CEO at Daily Success Routine and visionary featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and the Wall Street Journal.

The Daily Success Team includes educators, project managers, and certified life coaches that will set you up for growth and whip your business back-office into top-notch shape.

Amber Diebert
Mindset Coach
Amber Diebert Coaching

Cherise Wynne
CEO, Real Estate Agent
The Wynne Group

Erica Tunnell
Real Estate Investor,
Property Grabbers

Keilah Smith
Capture Co. Photo Booth

Liza Sivek
Marketing Consultant
Liza Sivek Marketing & Associates

Michelle Anderson
Brand Designer

Natalee Facey
Birthing Coach
The Birth Warriors

Robin Devonish
Pen. Publish. Profit

Master your mindset and get confident about earning more

Create your premium signature service clients will love

Learn an enrollment process that generates clients on repeat

2-day Virtual Reset Retreat 

September 21-22, 2021

Let’s Hit the Reset Button in Your Business and Set Up Simple Systems for Multiple Six-Figures with Your Signature Service.

Slowpokes pay: $47

The virtual reset retreat starts in ...


TUESDAY, September 21

10 am EST 3 Secrets to Positioning as a Premium Service Provider w/ Jamila Payne
12 pm EST Future Self Vision Session

2 pm EST 7 Systems for a Multiple Six-Figure Business

WEDNESDAY, September 22

10 am EST Profitable, Premium Pricing Methodology with Jamila Payne and Michelle Anderson

12 pm EST Replace Your Salary in Six Months

2 pm EST How to Duplicate Yourself Panel with Erica Tunnell, Natalee Facey, and Cherise Wynne

THURSDAY, September 23

During the retreat LIVE Sessions, you'll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these "exclusive" advanced sessions with Jamila and special guests!

10 am EST Advanced Training: The Burnout To Breadwinner Blueprint: Simple Systems To Land High Paying Clients For Your Signature Service.

12 pm EST Exclusive Round Table "Ask Them Anything" Tell-All Q & A Session with Jamila and her VIP Clients

Position yourself and premium service to become a category of one industry.

Workshop #1:
3 Secrets to Positioning as a Premium Service Provider

Simply raising your rates won’t allow you to attract those high-quality clients you desire. In this session, you’ll learn how to break down the money math behind going high-end and what pieces you need in place to position your services as the premium option in your industry.

Workshop #3:
7 Systems for a Multiple Six-Figure Business

If you’re still wearing ‘all the hats’ in your business, it’s time you get some systems in place that will take you from being burnout to being a breadwinner.

In this session, you’ll learn the must-have systems to grow a multi-six figure service business with ease.

Workshop #5:
Replace Your Salary in Six Months

Are you ready to go from $5K to 10K+ months in your business? In this session, you’ll hear the behind the scenes story of how one service provider built a dream business from the ground up after her company shut down during the pandemic and how you can do it too.

Workshop #2:
Future Self Vision Session

To achieve those bigger goals and dreams you have for your business, you must ‘believe’ you can do it. In this session you’ll learn a powerful method for tapping into your inner wisdom as a business woman to make breadwinning decisions that will 10X your success.

Workshop #4:
Profitable, Premium Pricing Methodology

Struggling with how to raise your rates but not price yourself out of getting clients? In this session, you will learn the pricing process to  confidently charge more for your services.

We’ll also share the ‘secure the bag formula’ for pricing profitably enough to pay yourself a lucrative salary, cover the business bills and have money left over in the bank..

Workshop #6:
How to Duplicate Yourself

The high-earning business women that “have it all, don’t do it all.” In this session, you’ll learn how to duplicate yourself by delegating, building a dream team and setting up the systems to remove yourself from handling all the daily operations and client delivery on your own.

I get it, building a business can feel like a lonely grind but it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you're burnout, buried in client work with no time to focus on marketing. It's frustrated to be working really hard to get clients and they only come in sporadically or what you're earning doesn’t match all the time and effort you're putting in. 

Either way, if you keep running on empty your business won’t go the distance. But do you really want to give up your freedom and go back to an unfulfilling job? Deep down you know, you need to do something different to create better business results.

You No Longer Have the Luxury of Waiting

If there is one thing the past few years has shown us is that the future is unpredictable. To build the business you desire you need to actively make it happen. No more waiting around for the ‘perfect time’.

Take a look around, the women who learned how to find and attract clients online consistently are adding zeros to their bank accounts because they implemented the RIGHT systems. Don’t you deserve some of those zero’s? If you answered YES, Plannerpalooza will help you take action.

Established Women Service Business Owners Who Are…

Swamped with client work and want to grow

You're drowning with client work, admin processes and marketing because you wear "all the hats" in the business and don't have systems to make it easier. You're spending way too much time customizing packages and proposals for every client.

We’ll show you how to be a premium service provider who has your business running like a well-oiled machine, you have a signature package you’re ‘known for’ and you're supported by people that you can confidently delegate to.

Need consistent revenue to pay yourself

You have clients but NOT consistently and you want to build a business that can pay you a full-time salary and sustain your financial goals - regular massages, gram-worthy vacations, and top-notch activities for the kiddos.

We’ll show you how to get a sales system in place to attract a flood of potential clients consistently without feeling drained. Even if you don’t have a big audience and consider yourself an introvert. PLUS You’ll learn a step- by-step roadmap for paying yourself and kissing that idea of getting a job again, goodbye.


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Hit the reset button on your revenues and meet your financial goals for the second half of 2021
 If you’re approaching the middle of the year feeling like everything is everywhere, then this is the opportunity to get your business back on track and finish strong. 
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This is your time to grow a service business that creates the freedom and flexibility you crave.

Get exposed to the mindset, systems and growth strategies you need to go from burnout to a breadwinning business owner to multiple successful women service providers.

2-day Virtual Reset Retreat 

September 21-22, 2021

Register for the virtual Reset Retreat and learn how to go from burnout to breadwinning with a sustainable signature offer.

Slowpokes pay: $47

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