Hit the reset button on your revenues and meet your financial goals for the second half of 2021
 If you’re approaching the middle of the year feeling like everything is everywhere, then this is the opportunity to get your business back on track and finish strong. 
What is Plannerpalooza Mid Year Reset Retreat?
Plannerpalooza is a 2-day retreat for women business owners designed to empower you to supercharge your results, the last six months of the year. It’s time to stop wasting time and start utilizing your full potential as a business owner. Being sporadically organized person won’t cut it anymore. 

It's time to create the space to work ON your business and become focused, so you can grow your business, enjoy life, family, pay bills AND conquer your goals! 

Join the Plannerpalooza Retreat so you can:
The Plannerpalooza Reset Retreat will empower you to clear the physical and mental clutter and ...
  • Set new revenue goals
  • ​Refine your signature offer
  • ​Increase capacity to take on new clients
  • ​Plan conversion events for the rest of the year
  • ​Create an effective onboarding process to streamline your business
  • ​Optimize your delivery model so you can set revenue goals and have a plan that will allow you to actually hit them
How Does It Work?
Join The Community
Once registered we’ll send you a full schedule for the retreat and invitation to the private Facebook community.

Planning is more fun with friends so invite a few to join you.
Attend Live Workshops
When plannerpalooza starts you’ll get an email invite for each of the LIVE  workshops, happening throught the month, along with your challenge assignment to complete. See the schedule below for more info
Ask Your Questions
The special thing about Plannerpalooza is that we not only map out 2021 projects and goals, we start making moves on them becuase execution is everything in business! And there will be some prizes involved. 

You will be assigned a concierge that will strategize with you between sessions and during the live planning breakouts.
Your Retreat Agenda

Tuesday, July 20

12 nn
2 pm
6 pm

July 22

12 nn
2 pm
6 pm

Wednesday, July 21

12 nn
2 pm
6 pm

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Why block of these two days?
  • CEO's know that they need a quarterly strategic meeting, this is yours.
Did you know that business strategy isn't just about making money?
It also has to do with setting revenue goals, crafting your own signature offer, and setting up your streamlined systems and process.
Hosted by Jamila Payne

Daily Success Routine is a coaching and training company that teaches business owners to set up systems attract more clients, improve client delivery and to scale a high-ticket offer their first or next 6-figures in revenue. You'll to learn to create routines, overcome distractions, and manage life priorities while consistently achieving new goals every 90 days. 

Jamila Payne is passionate about empowering women to confidently go for their goals. She is CEO at Daily Success Routine (dailysuccessroutine.com). She has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

What are you waiting for?
Are you ready to make the rest of 2021 the start of you living your #bestlife
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