• You're great at what you do, but when it comes to running the day-to-day with predictable processes that sign clients ... you feel stuck.
  • You're attracting clients, but not high-end ones
  • You know you need to charge more but you don't feel confident in raising your rates.
  • You're missing a sales and marketing system that brings you consistent results.
  • At the end of the day, you got to bed feeling like the best-kept secret in your industry.

I believe it's simply NOT okay that you are trading dollars for hours while less qualified service providers get more clients when YOU are more skilled.

I understand what it's like to be awesome at what you do but not know how to attract the RIGHT clients in a way that connects and converts.

This is why I've helped hundreds of highly skilled service providers systemize their services, sign high-end clients, and achieve 80-90% conversions over the phone without using pressure tactic or needing a large audience.

Just like these

Cherise finally hired her #goals operations manager and removed herself from transaction management by building out SOPs and setting up a team onboarding process. She hit her volume goal for the year, improved her quality of life by prioritizing self-care, and gifted herself a BMW mini for achieving her sales volume goal.

Lisa went from charging $500 and wondering where the next client is coming from to consistent client leads, conversations, and conversions, and is now hitting $8k-10k months. She hired her first VA, and developed a team of contractors to support her client work.

Cherise finally hired her #goals operations manager and removed herself from transaction management by building out SOPs and setting up a team onboarding process. She hit her volume goal for the year, improved her quality of life by prioritizing self-care, and gifted herself a BMW mini for achieving her sales volume goal.

Most service providers think that high-paying clients are hard to get.

They think you need ...

Complicated Funnels

A huge audience

To do reels and dance on Tiktok

Breadwinners Mastermind is here to take the pressure off - You don't need any of that!

What if I told you your service business could be SIMPLE and you could have the kind of clients that you love?

And that you could attract high-end clients by simply learning how to put a system behind your sales and marketing.

Because the truth is premium clients are everywhere.

They're not dodging you.

The only thing between you and them is a system to capture their attention.

And the way you do that is to streamline your business so that you have a working process instead of a bunch of marketing methods that aren't producing results.

That's why I created the Breadwinners Mastermind.

In it, I combine my 15+ years of experience in direct response marketing, human psychology, messaging, and sales with the piece that's missing:

A mindset for winning. We call that, Breadwinning Behavior.

And this hasn't just worked for me.

It's worked for my clients too.

Eliza was just transitioning from a news brokerage, struggling in her leadership role, and can't find time to do what she loves. Now, she has already established boundaries within her business and was able to juggle her time between delivery and personal time. She was able to implement systems in her business and make the shifts for her to prioritize her self-care.

Natalee replaced her 9-to-5 grind with a business that she loves as a birth coach and doula. She hired a VA and a marketing assistant which allowed her to step more fully into the CEO role in her business.

Dee went from being overwhelmed in her day-to-day to being able to take a few steps back in the daily operations by hiring a full-time operations manager. She put an onboarding process in place that has allowed her to grow from a team of 3 to 6 real estate agents and she is on track to increase her volume to $25M + this year. As a result of her growth, Dee has been able to spend more time with her husband and son and is working to remove herself fully from production in the next 2-to-3 years.

You're ready for your business to soar so you can book a ridiculously luxurious vacation without worrying about the money or if your clients are getting taken care of while you're laying on the beach in Cabo.

You started a business to live the life of your dreams but instead, you've been chained to your laptop, putting out fires, throwing spaghetti at the wall, and serving clients for less money than you desire.

You don't have another 5-10 years to figure it out on your own. You're looking for a way to get on the fast-track to building consistent revenue in your business so you can become financially independent without working long hours, wearing all the hats, or sacrificing yourself and the people you love.

  • You could cut your work week down to 30 hours and still have a multi-six-figure business
  • Your services are priced profitably and you write yourself a big fat payroll check every two weeks, from your business bank account
  • You host elevated enrollment events that brand you as a 5-star service provider and close clients magically without feeling like you're being pushy or salesy
  • You work only with high-caliber dream clients who sing you glowing praises in testimonials and pay on time every month
  • You streamlined the back-office operations so the business runs smoothly and you're not backlogged with admin work
  • You hired your first or second dream team member so your clients are taken care of whether or not you're working or taking a day off.

You already have the work ethic it takes to build a Breadwinning Business. All you need is expert guidance, accountability, and a few small tweaks to breakthrough to the next level - you can do this!

that brings me to the question ...

Are you ready to stop being a Busy Bee and step in to Breadwinner status?

bread·​win·​ner / ˈbred-ˌwi-nər/

a person who earns money (a lot of it) to support a family,

live their dream, and make an impact.

Sounds like you?

You're in the right place.

Introducing ...

is an intimate 6-month experience for service providers who want to be breadwinning businesswomen, systemize their service to sign high-end clients, and earn revenue consistently.

This is an implementation-focused coaching experience created to empower women to achieve their earning potential, develop breadwinning behavior, and take their rightful place as owners of financially fit companies that will create generational wealth.


In Breadwinners Mastermind, you will develop the skill of making more money, having greater client impact, and streamlining the business to work less.

You will create transformative, high-end signature service and use simple but effective sales and marketing systems that differentiate your business as a 5-star service provider in the industry.

We breed Breadwinners, women who make money, strive for financial independence, and proudly change the world one client at a time.

It's NOT your average business mastermind

The Last Marketing & Sales Program You'll Ever Need - From mindset to marketing and a solid sales process, you'll learn how to tie it all together so you can maximize your impact and preserve your energy and time.

Learn the Multi-Six Figure Sales System - Nothing else out there goes deep into sales strategies to help you connect with your ideal clients on a relatable level and convert over the phone with ease.

These skills alone will forever make you money.

Zero Fluff, Short Actionable Videos - No information overload. Here you get short, potent 5-15 min videos (no more than 2 hours per week to implement) that give you the exact actionable steps to get results fast.

Intimate & High Touch Support - No other mastermind offers the level of INTIMACY and personalized attention you get here. We have 360-degree support that includes business strategy, mindset coaching, and peer accountability. We keep the community intimate so we can fully support you, guide you, and coach you every step of the way.

Plus, you get access to my highly experienced mindset coaching EVERY DAY in the Breadwinners Clubhouse.

Never Feel "Lost" - I've carefully designed this mastermind to focus on ACTION. You get one week of implementation between each mastermind call so you have time to integrate the information and catch up if life gets in the way. We also put together a program roadmap that tells you what to take action on each week inside of the program.

Get The Answers and Support You Need - Every one of my clients always walks away satisfied and with EXACTLY what they came for.


I have a confession to make ...

I built my career as a successful marketing executive and I got to see the behind-the-scenes of multi-million dollar corporations.

My job was to usher in leads and clients to the corporations that I was working for but I realized they had a problem, there was NOT a STRONG back-end to support the influx of clients and things started to break.

That's when I realized that having a marketing tactic isn't enough for a successful business, you need a SYSTEM that allows your business to work together.

So when I started my business, I wanted to do things differently.

To set up a solid foundation so I didn't have to worry about the quality of the work when I brought in new clients.

And that's what I want for you.

Since then, my business has generated multi-six figures in revenue without a large audience, or sacrificing my health or relationships.

This is possible for you, too ...

What my Breadwinning clients are saying ...

"I was getting to a point where I was seeking something outside of my job to express myself. Through Daily Success Routine, I discovered that it's possible.

I found that there are women who still have a job that provides for their needs while creating something for the world."

Natalee, Birthing Coach

"I knew that I had to get organized in my business. What I didn't know was there were tools and systems and trainers and people like you [Jamila] out there that can help us.

There was no way I was just gonna read a book, watch Youtube, and figure it out myself."

Grace, Insurance Agent

"I really didn't have enough resources to propel me to the next step. I realized that I needed to do something different if I wanted to get results, something that was going to move me toward financial freedom.

I booked my first few non-relative clients. I can see the big picture now. The retreat opened my eyes up to things like having a money roadmap to hit my sales goals."

Charnee, Wedding Planner

Now, it's your turn

A tweak in her sales system doubled Keilah's client close rate.

Liza put systems in place that increased her income and productivity.

How Robin uses documented systems to better manage her team

Cherise on removing her doubt and trusting the process in her business

Here are the pillars inside of


Create your Scaleable Signature Service

You'll design a signature service that allows you to sell your services at a premium price of $2k - $10k which will create big results for your high-caliber clients.

This simple offer will have the ability to earn your business a multi-six-figure revenue. You'll know what your promise is, how to message the offer and communicate EXACTLY what you do with confidence.

Even if you have a signature service, we'll make the right tweaks to get it in front of more of your dream clients.


Setup your Sales System and Sign High-End Clients

Spending all day on back-to-back sales calls that aren't converting? Who wants to spend their day like that?

We'll teach you how to have high-converting sales calls where you can close clients easily, PLUS, you'll learn to sell one to many by hosting an enrollment event that will allow you to close multiple clients in just a matter of days.

We'll provide all the swipe files, checklist, and the sale calculator you need to finally step off the sales roller-coaster into the land of predictable revenue.


Build Your Back-Office Systems

Stuck in overwhelm? You're not about that life anymore. We're going to show you how to hire your dream team, put your systems and processes in place, and streamline your client delivery so you can get more done in fewer hours.

You'll put together your SOPs, learn to create a client management dashboard, and set up your business so that it can scale.

Breadwinners Mastermind includes all the training, templates, and tools you need to scale and grow your business.

  • MODULE 1 Breadwinning Behavior
  • MODULE 2 Breadwinning Productivity
  • MODULE 3 Signature Service Makeover
  • MODULE 4 Breadwinning Intellectual Property
  • MODULE 5 Client Attraction Formula
  • MODULE 6 Breadwinning Group Growth
  • MODULE 7 Automated Sales System
  • MODULE 8 Curate an Exceptional Client Experience
  • MODULE 9 Operate Your Back-End Like a Boss
  • MODULE 10 Breadwinning Brand

I want to make sure this program is the perfect fit for you.

What my Breadwinning clients are saying ...

Candice on finding the common denominator that would bring the ripple effect in her business.

How Liza put systems in place that increase her income and productivity

Breadwinners Mastermind is for you whether or not you already have a high-end signature service, or if you have an existing offer but you want to systemize and automate your client delivery, build your dream team, and focus on the CEO tasks without working more hours.

  • "I already have a high-end signature service"

That's great. People usually work with me to get help on leveraging scalable systems in their business so they can double their income and serve more clients while working less.

But we also find that when clients come to us with an existing high-end offer, we end up discovering lots of ways we can tweak what they have now to make their client delivery more streamlined and simplify their sales and marketing to differentiate their business as a 5-star service provider in the industry.

We'll make sure your existing service business is as effective and efficient as possible.

  • "I don't have a high-end signature service yet"

Perfect, we can help you design and create your own signature service even if you have never had a service or offer before that is priced profitably so that you can pay yourself a regular salary and feel in control of your financial future.

We'll also support you in building your sales system through enrollment events, learning the connect to close method so you can consistently close clients on the phone, and systemizing your client delivery process so you can create a WOW experience as a 5-star service provider while your business runs without you and customers are happily sending referrals on repeat.

You'll get immediate access to the high-touch support you've been dying for and everything is recorded so you can play it back or watch it while you're cooking dinner.

Here's what to expect ...


You'll build your business in three acceleration action phases we call the Breadwinners Blueprint. Our proprietary curriculum provides a proven process for growth.

Here's how Lisa hired her very first VA and set up her system using Trello

Here's what you'll accomplish inside

  • Design a Signature Service that is priced profitably so that you can pay yourself a regular salary and feel in control of your financial future.
  • Build a sales system using enrollment events that consistently convert potential buyers online so you can go beyond selling to friends, family, and your personal network.
  • Learn the connect-to-close method for diagnosing client problems, handling objections, and confidently making offers that compel clients to work with you.
  • Develop an original framework and process that becomes your own intellectual property that will position you in the marketplace as the go-to service provider in your industry.
  • Systemize your client delivery process so you can create a WOW experience as a 5-star service provider while your business runs without you and customers are happily sending referrals on repeat.
  • Adopt breadwinning behavior so you can crush limiting beliefs, be hella productive, and focus on the income-generating activity that will leap your business forward.
  • Put your back-office operations in place and cast that first or second dream team member and delegate the boring admin by documenting your SOPs so that you can focus on the work you love.

It's your journey, you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Typically clients complete phase one in their first week and move on to presenting their new signature service to potential clients.

You'll be ready to host your first elevated enrollment event by your second or third month in the program. From there, it's all about mastery and repeating each phase to create bigger results.

Breadwinners Weekly

Money Moves Calls

Once a week we jump on a live coaching call to make sure you're supported and you have what you need #wins.

This is part accountability and part training where you'll get a breakdown of what's working now in the online business world when it comes to attracting clients and selling your services.

You'll learn how to implement these strategies in your own business with time for coaching and questions, of course.

Breadwinners Weekly

Money Moves Calls

Our team-certified coach will help you conquer the negative naysayer inside of you. Every month for 90 mins, we'll go deep into transforming into the best version of yourself.

You'll learn to clear your head of any mind drama -- imposter syndrome, fear of delegating, resistance to putting yourself out there in a bigger way -- and move forward confidently and trust yourself to make business decisions.

Breadwinners Strategy Hour Live Q&A and Document Review

These Q&As are action-packed. Show up with your general business questions or get your marketing materials, offers, or copy reviewed (so you don't have to second guess your copy).

Our clients often share their screen and we talk through messaging, promos, and systems you're working on. Get your questions answered so you're never paralyzed from taking action.

Skills Based Masterclasses

Learn the secrets of securing the bag and slaying your systems available to those in the Mastermind. In these masterclasses, we focus on a specific area of your business that will help strengthen your systems and processes, and add an investable foundation to your business back end.

You probably started a business to create a better life for yourself, your family, and your community and that means converting your business baby into an asset that can create a legacy for generations to come. Masterclass topics vary but typically include Secure the Bag, our sales training, and Slaying Systems.

I know because you're used to putting your desires last, you're saying to yourself -- I shouldn't do this right now because (fill in the blank). But why the heck would you wait to make money? Duh.

Stop putting off your opportunity to earn more and start developing the skills of running a profitable business by joining Breadwinners Mastermind.

The acceleration of your dreams can begin today. Now is the perfect time to become the Breadwinning businesswoman you deserve to be.

Can we just decide today that your worth will no longer be attached to what you do or don't do for others?

It's time to stop people pleasing, feeding everyone else's needs first while you take the scraps and leftovers. Your goals and desires want a place at the front of the damn line. Joining Breadwinners Mastermind is EXACTLY how you claim it.

As a Breadwinner, your foundation for business freedom will fall into place and you can now give yourself permission to ...

  • Break free from the useless, "I don't know how" excuses and live up to your full potential. You've always known there was more for you waiting once you let go of self-doubt and mastered your mindset!
  • Hire help and get those $10-an-hour tasks off your plate so you focus on your best work. No more being your own executive assistant, responding to customer service emails, or messing around in Canva pretending to be a designer. Your #1 job is to be visionary, create new life-changing offers for your clients, and grow the business.
  • Charge a whole heckuva lot more for your 1:1 coaching, consulting, and services knowing you've got the systems and process to generate leads you can leverage at any time. You change more lives and increase your revenue with very little effort.
  • Build out your back-office operations so your business is running like a well-oiled machine and you have confidence in your team's ability to run things without you.
  • Unchain yourself from your laptop and spend more time doing what lights you up outside of your business. Whether it's traveling the world (dream trip to Paris, Brazil, the Caribbean, anyone?) or simply cozying up on the couch for quality time spent alone or with the people you love most.

Here's a quick look of what you get inside:

  • Framework Famous
  • Quarterly Profit Plan Calls
  • Client Onboarding System
  • Team Hiring System
  • Sales Call Study Hall
  • Client Attraction System
  • 1:1 Monthly Strategy
  • Breadwinners Blueprint
  • Weekly Business Coaching
  • $500
  • $1,500
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,000
  • $1,500
  • $2,500
  • $2,500
  • $4,000


But your investment is just a fraction of that...

What about the investment?

It wouldn't be a premium program without a premium price tag, but you know investing in yourself bring BIG returns.

You won't get there overnight, but if you implement what you learn in the mastermind and really lean into the community, you'll have everything you need to consistently keep growing your service business BEYOND what you ever thought possible.

Mastermind Access

  • 6 months of access to Breadwinners Clubhouse
  • Weekly Accountability Calls
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching
  • Live Q&A and Document Review
  • Monthly 1:1 Strategy Session
  • Access to all of our ...
  • Templates
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Swipe Files
  • Scripts
  • Processes related to running your business and signature service

6 monthly payments of


(Pay in full - $3,750)


Let's do the math ...

How much is it costing you not to have this system in your business?

If you're currently working 40-50 hours a week focusing on the back-end tasks and client delivery ... you're wasting so many HOURS of your time. How much is that worth? As the CEO of your business, your hours are worth at least thousands of dollars, if not more ...

And if you charge $2k for your high-end signature service, how many sales do you need to make in order for this to be worthwhile to you? You just need to enroll 2 clients to pay yourself back ...

If you can add even just 3-5 new clients a month at this new premium price point (without spending all your time on sales or delivery), what would that mean for your business?

If you're not currently offering a "next level" for your current clients ... you are literally missing out on tens of thousands in revenue ... but you're also missing out on serving your best clients at a higher level.

You might be a little sticker shocked by the investment but I want you to ask yourself a question - Is it a smart move to spend $3,750 on a step-by-step blueprint for how to make my next $100k?

If you think for one minute that you can't afford it, here's why you can't afford not to:

  • You're ready to go ALL IN. To slip on your flyest heels and step on the dance floor of unlimited financial potential. To serve clients and get them results.
  • You want to surprise yourself with what's possible in your life and business simply by taking action and making different, more profitable decisions.
  • You're done with seeing everyone else have huge wins and wondering "When will it happen for me"?
  • You can't work any more than you're already working. Self-care feels like a pipe dream, but if you CAN'T get a hold of it all, it's going to keep costing you a WHOLE LOT of money.
  • You feel like you don't have a life because to get more done, you work nights and use Saturday as a make-up day.
  • You feel lost on how to build a profitable business alone that attracts clients on repeat as easy as eating ice cream on a hot day.
  • Your fear are holding you back by not doing the things you KNOW will help you grow so you're procrastinating and struggling with self-doubt.

Need coaching support on your decision to join

Breadwinners Mastermind?

Book an Enrollment Call with one of our specialists now

I feel you, I've been a passenger on the struggle bus before. And it's about time you get off. I need you to know that you can step out on faith, everything you dream of is just OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.



Empower you to become a Breadwinner in business and build WEALTH without hustling harder, wearing all the hats, or sacrificing personal time.

Daily Success Routine was founded by Jamila Payne, a Marketing Executive and Business Strategist. Throughout her career, Jamila has led marketing campaigns for nonprofits and national brands and served as the Inaugural Directed of an entrepreneurship center based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lived for 2 years and traveled to ten different countries of the continent of Africa.

Today, she's the CEO at Daily Success Routine and a visionary featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and the Wall Street Journal.

The Daily Success Team includes educators, project managers, and certified life coaches that will set you up for growth.

Ready to get the ongoing support and strategic insight required to build and grow a service business beyond what you thought possible?

Got more questions?

We got answers

  • Who is this program for?

This program is for service providers: coaches, consultants, strategists that are looking to set up systems in their business that will allow them to grow to multi-six figures in revenue and beyond.

  • Will I get personalized support?

Yes, the program offers both 1:1 and group coaching so that every Breadwinner gets the attention that they need and a customized plan to grow their business. We don't do cookie-cutter solutions in Breadwinners Mastermind, we give you a path that aligns with your skills and abilities so that you have a proven strategy that will allow you to grow your business.

  • Will this program show me how to launch?

Yes, Breadwinners Mastermind teaches you how to host multi-day challenges or enrollment events that will show you how to sell one to many and enroll clients within a few short days of them getting to know you.

  • What is your coaching style?

Jamila's coaching style is a combination of coaching and consulting. She helps you to find your inner wisdom and be able to make business decisions as a confident CEO while also providing you direct, step-by-step, strategic advice on how to get things done.

  • How much time do I need to do this?

We recommend that you allocate at least 2 hours a week to attend mastermind calls and complete assignments that will allow you to take action on what you learned.

  • Do I get access to all the modules at once?

Yes, Breadwinners Mastermind members get access to all the modules at once. We don't hold back your learning, we want you to go as fast or as slow as you would like in the program.

Candice replaced her full-time salary in 6-months by starting a high-end education consultancy after her job went away due to the pandemic and she had to figure out her next move quickly.

Keilah positioned her business as the premium photo booth experience by increasing her pricing and bringing in 3 new clients in the first 30 days of us working together.

The Proven Formula to Find Out If Breadwinners Mastermind is Right For You:

If you can tick at least 3 of the boxes below, don't skip a beat before joining the mastermind, I know you'll find yourself right at home.

  • You're a woman-owned service business that wants to put systems in place to grow and just needs a little extra support and guidance to get it all done.
  • You're coachable and eager to roll up your sleeves and try new business strategies to get bigger results.
  • You're committed to growing your business and will carve out the time to implement what you learn.
  • You're interested in being part of a diverse community of other high-achieving women.
  • You're ready to stop overthinking and make different, more profitable decisions so your business is not in the same place this time next year.

What happens when you join:

Here's how we help you become a Breadwinner ...

  • You get strategic business advice. You'll have direct access every week with Jamila Payne (Breadwinners Mastermind Founder and Best-selling Author) whose real-talk approach will help you get out of your own way and bring in those dollars!
  • You get your systems in place. Through our training, step-by-step guides, templates, and swipe files, you'll transform your business back-office and operate your company like a well-oiled machine.
  • You get mindset coaching. We have a top-notch certified life coach that will get you past those confidence issues and money blocks preventing you from breaking through to your next level of growth.
  • You get an accountability advisor. We don't leave you to your old habits. Every member is assigned an advisor who checks in on your weekly progress so you never get stuck or feel alone again.
  • You get a tribe of business BFFs. Our members are ambitious, high-achieving women in their own right. You'll hang out together through peer mentor matches, at retreats, and inside the Clubhouse.

There's something critical I want you to know, girlfriend.

Breadwinners Mastermind isn't going to pile more on your already full plate -- this work is about creating a solid foundation, ongoing momentum, and taking the actions that will add time back in your week so you can spend time with family, catch up with friends over brunch, or enjoy a day of doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Take a sneek peek inside of

video placeholder

Imagine knowing exactly what to say

in your marketing to attract the right people to you ...

  • Imagine being able to consistently close clients without feeling pushy or needy and demonstrate your authority at the same time.
  • Imagine waking up to messages from high-caliber, premium clients because they felt a non-negotiable pull to work with you.
  • Imagine closing premium clients on the phone with confidence.

You won't have to imagine it for much longer.

That's the reality you'll be living after

Breadwinners Mastermind

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