These 3 Productivity Practices Will Increase Your Earning Potential

October 24, 2017

These 3 Productivity Practices Will Increase Your Earning Potential

Did you know your productivity or lack thereof is impacting how much you earn? A Wall Street Journal study shares research on how productivity can increase income by as much as 16% especially when it comes to getting enough sleep. That’s an extra $11K on a 70K salary and there’s plenty one can do with that additional income – vacations, investments or Christian Louboutin’s anyone?  While you can’t always pinpoint when you’ll get a raise, grow your business or hit the lottery, you can make some personal adjustments that will turn you into a money-making machine. Try these three productivity hacks to increase your earnings:

Get enough sleep

Do you act like the kid that doesn’t want to go to bed when it’s after 10pm, pushing yourself to stay awake for fear of missing out? If you’re rested, during the day you’ll accomplish more. That can include completing important tasks or simply being alert enough in meetings to ask the questions and build the relationships that will close the deals. After all, no one wants to work with a sleepy grump.

Prioritize Income Related Tasks

Spending the better part of the day knocking out small tasks just to check several items off the to-do list in your day planner is a sure sign of a leaky wallet. It feels good to check several things off but if they’re not income generating activities then you’re putting yourself at an earnings disadvantage. When you create your daily to-dos put dollar signs next to the items that are income generating. That can include activities like:  making sales calls, sending a marketing email or special offer to past clients, following-up with leads, or hosting info session for prospects. Getting clear on what task are income producing will ensure you focus on what matters without becoming a time-management guru.

Know the numbers

You may have declared to yourself “I’m not a number’s person.” Which doesn’t mean you’re not good at numbers but perhaps you feel anxiety when it comes to calculating or quoting figures on the fly. Turning a blind eye to key numbers in your day – spending, receivables, number of calls necessary to reach a sales goal, will detract from your ability to increase earning potential. Knowing your numbers is essential to making your money grow.

How do you increase your earning potential?

Let’s face it change isn’t easy, but a few small daily actions will create the life you want. I dare you to test just one of the above productivity practices for a week straight. I bet you’ll be and feel more abundant. Let me know how it goes.

Jamila Payne is the CEO of Daily Success Routine. She helps busy professionals seamlessly conquer work and life by offering the Daily Success Routine Journal and self-improvement courses that support goal achievement, productivity and personal development. Download the FREE guide: 5 Productivity Tools the Most Powerful Women in Business Use

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