Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Special Events

October 16, 2018

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Special Events

Getting 150 professionals to show up for Career Day is an exhausting yet rewarding experience for Liliya Nissen, a Brooklyn based mom, wife and Events and Special Projects Coordinator for the largest public school in the country. She likes to rewrite her to-do list and work on top priorities first. “I am responsible for all aspects of outreach, logistics, and general communication between alumni and staff.”

She’s typically planning multiple events at the same time not to mention the playdates and activities for the family. Liliya stays on top of details like the alternative-side parking rules near the daycare and packing the proper snacks for the kids. Here’s her routine for managing career and lively family life.  

6:30 AM — Wake up, shower, have breakfast and get dressed.
7:00 AM — Wake up both kids (aged 3 and 5). Get them dressed during morning cartoons, feed them breakfast. Make sure the oldest has a proper snack packed, and the youngest has his favorite toy(s) for daycare.
7:45 AM – 8:00 AM — Rush out the door to drop off the oldest child in kindergarten (which is thankfully, across the street), and drive the youngest 2 miles south to daycare.
8:15 AM — Park car near daycare, or by the train, depending on alternate-side parking rules. On a good day, take a one-mile walk to the train.
8:30 AM —Hop on the train to downtown Brooklyn. Check e-mails, text friends, set/reset calendars, and read the news while on the ride.
9:15 AM — Arrive at work (sometimes after a stop for coffee and fruit at the nearby deli).
9:30 AM — Rewrite my “to-do list” and work on top priorities first. Check in with the Executive Director. Answer some calls and general inquiries in between.
11:15 AM — Find any excuse to get away from the desk for a bit. Socializing with colleagues across the hall is always great.
11:30 AM — Answer e-mails.
12:30 PM — Eat lunch at the desk (rezone) and (on occasion) run out for errands at the shopping center. On a good day, I will have a walk in the park, or dine out with a friend.
1:15 PM – 4:45 PM This time frame is usually taken up by any combination of these tasks: Check in with social media coordinator/prospect researcher regarding communication strategy and data accuracy. Review website content. Check the database for event registrations/processing. Set up calls as needed. Follow up with vendors. Work with volunteer alums and students on set projects/tasks. Touch base with data analyst regarding budgets and event goals. Review tasks with the event assistant. Check back to the to-do list.
4:45 PM — Answer Additional E-mails and finish up tasks.
5:15 PM – Rush out the door to pick up my daughter from after-school care, which closes at 6:00 PM (My husband will most often get our son)
Liliya's Advice:
Do what you love, and your routine will follow. You will ultimately notice what works and what doesn't, and you will adjust accordingly to your own time.
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