Daily Success 101: How to Make Time Work for You

November 14, 2017

Daily Success 101: How to Make Time Work for You

Want a prosperous career and more social time? Personal Development Expert, Jamila Payne says all you need is a DSR - Daily Success Routine.

According to Gallup’s lifestyle poll 40% of American’s say they feel overwhelmed and stressed in their daily life so I’m guessing that might include you. We’re completely overcommitted so being more productive might sound like a daunting task when you’ve tried everything, outside of extending the number of hours in a day. However, it’s necessary to figure this time thing out. Until you have a resolution you’ll consistent struggle with overwhelm and feel like you lack time for things you care about outside of work.

Having a plan for how you allocate hours will help create the life you want – thriving business, career, family, friends and creative time. People who have a time budget make better decisions about what they choose to take on. If the word budget feels limiting, that’s okay. I prefer to call it DSR – your Daily Success Routine. Once you design your own, you’ll never look at time the same again.

Here’s how to design your daily success routine:


Let’s get clear on what you’re working towards. The best way to leverage a routine is to get a big work or lifestyle goal on autopilot mode. If you want to write a book or eat healthier as examples you can design routines to make sure they happen without fail. First, you decide on the vision – that’s what you want to accomplish.


You’ve probably heard of a morning routine but they can happen anytime of the day. The key is picking a time and sticking to it. Going back to the example of writing a book. Creating a daily routine for writing 30 minutes a day will ensure that the goal gets done.

It’s a great system because you’re focused on what you can do right now, instead of being overwhelmed by the larger goal. When you have the right set of routines in place they will support you in getting more of what you desire. A routine is not rigid. It’s important to be consistent about it and sometimes you need to allow space for things to change and evolve.

Here’s a few daily routine ideas:


·         Develop a spiritual practice

·         Eat healthier

·         Tone body

·         Build Instagram following

·         Feel more energized while working

·         Write a book


·         15 mins of meditation

·         Have a green juice daily

·         Lift weights at the gym

·         Post and follow 20 people daily

·         Go to bed by 10pm

·         1 hour of morning writing


"Like with money, when you intentionally decide where your time is going you'll feel great about spending it" 


Having a daily routine is a practice. It’s important to know implementing too many things at once is challenging. New habits take 21-30 days to develop so if you’ve never had a daily routine before, I would recommend starting with 3 activities you can do consistently. Once you have a few activities mastered and you’re able to execute consistently for more than a month, it’s feasible to add new things. If you’re practicing too many things, you’ll give up on the practice and never reach the goal.

Your routine should be fun, effective and most important, custom created for you. It needs to match your unique goals and desires and fit your perspective of how and when you work best. Don’t adapt someone else’s routine and assume that you’ll get the same results. As they say, the best artist “steal” for inspiration but they make the work their own.

When it comes to your Daily Success Routine, I invite you to do the same. Look at it as a complete experiment. Keep testing and finding out what’s working for you and adjust as needed.

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