5 Easy Ways To Be More Productive and Gain Time Back

October 31, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Be More Productive and Gain Time Back

This may seem counter-intuitive but productivity is a practice and achieving full productivity may never happen. Just like a yogi climbs on their mat daily to go through a sequence, to make the most of time requires a routine that accomplishes big goals and projects. Here are a few easy ways to be more productive and gain some time back in your day:

Schedule Fast

Think about how many emails you may send back and forth to schedule one appointment. Even if the meeting is worthwhile the scheduling may be a huge waste of time. I recommend Assistant.to a free scheduling tool that can be added on to a Gmail account. The tool lets you send the dates that you’re available from a calendar and have the receiver select the meeting date based on your suggested availability. Using effective scheduling methods gives you back the time typically lost booking meetings.

Superset Your Goals

If you enjoy going to the gym but don’t always prioritize it, then here’s what to do: create a superset by adding-on activity to the goal. A superset is when you combine two activities to achieve a goal with no break in between. I really enjoy podcast and can’t wait to listen to my favorite shows new releases so I make a habit of listening while I’m working out. Now, on days when I’m not as motivated, I shift the focus from exercise to listening to a podcast. The mental shift empowers me to reach my fitness goals. Look for opportunities to double up activities to make goal activities more compelling.

Declare an Objective

Trying to accomplish too many tasks in a day will get little done. Try grouping tasks together with one related priority or outcome goal that will hold your attention for the day. Using a project-based to-do list builds focus and naturally helps get more done. I recommend Momentum, an app that connects to your browser – to set -up a focus for each day that runs as desktop background reminding you to stay focused while also tracking time.

Change the Strategy

While living in New York I commuted an hour or more on the train daily and read a book a week. As much as I’ve wanted to, I’ve never been able to get back on that active reading schedule until recently when I changed the strategy. Using Audible I listen to a book on my walk to the office or while driving in the car. Now, the goal is achievable again. When variables change be prepared to adapt and change with them.

Build in Accountability

Early in my entrepreneurial journey, I was working on a business plan and needed a way to make sure I stayed on deadline. If you’re like me you’re great at honoring your commitments with others but not always as good about honoring commitments with yourself. I decided to enroll in a business plan writing class. Although, I felt I knew the information, the group accountability kept me on task. I thrive when given assignments to complete from an instructor or coach. Built in accountability with a person, class or check-in system will keep you productive.

Now that you know exactly how to make yourself for high impact, which of these methods do you most need to implement? Decide on one and test it out.

Jamila Payne is Founder and CEO of Daily Success Routine. She helps busy professional seamless conquer work and life by offering day planners and courses that improve goal achievement, productivity, family time and overall personal development. Jamila is a Contributor to the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise Magazine and Salesforce.com. Watch the FREE Video: One hack that will finally get you checking everything off your to-do list to learn more.


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