It’s tough when the clock strikes 6pm and you feel like failed the day because once again you didn’t get enough done. You’re not alone, 45% American workers feel they don’t have enough free time; their job is colonizing their entire day, not just 9 through 5 according to a study by Workplace Trends.

What if there were some common practices you have that were actually preventing you from accomplishing more? We’ve taken note of the learning from our clients and found these critical mistakes that are holding people back from accomplish more in the day:

Believing that you’re not disciplined enough

You are perfectly disciplined. However, you may be disciplined to a set of habits that are not moving you towards your goals – like hitting the snooze button, running on-time or late to meetings, putting off things you want to accomplish to watch your favorite TV shows.

Declaring you’re not a morning person

While people have natural body rhythms, studies show that a person can train themselves to wake-up early and start the day. Before you completely write-off the morning as a time that you can succeed practice getting to bed earlier and wake-up productive.

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Putting off important task until later in the day

How many times have you had a perfectly planned to-do list and before afternoon hits a series of events have unfolded that prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to-do. When you put off your most important activities you leave the day to chance and likely won’t get to what’s most important.

Waiting until you get to the office to write your to-list

If you’re just starting your to-do list when you get to work, you’ll feel behind because the time clock for being productive has already started. Ultimately that sense of feeling behind will compel you to add more things to the list, most of which you’ll never get done.

Checking email first thing in the morning

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of reading a morning email that completely changed your emotional state. Checking your email before you accomplish at least one of your most important objectives for the day, puts you in the space of focusing on everyone else’s to-do list before you start your own.

How many of these critical mistakes are governing your day? Ask yourself, “what’s one thing you can do different” so that tomorrow, you’re a little more productive. Download the FREE guide: 5 Productivity Tools the Most Powerful Women in Business Use