Daily Success Routine 

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Have you ever thought about having a better financial picture of your business but don’t feel totally comfortable with numbers or have the in-house staff to do it? Bench Accounting is partnering Daily Success Routine to give you an exclusive offer of 30 days of FREE bookkeeping + 20% discount on 6 months of their service.  

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Here’s What You Get 

Once you sign up for the free trial a bench onboarding specialist will give you a call to set up your account. Your personal bookkeeping team will put together the financials and hop on the phone with you to review all the details. You’ll have all the numbers at-a-glance to make financial decisions in the business and a nice neat file to send to an accountant instead of a manila envelope full of receipts.  

It’s a fact that businesses owners who know their numbers have greater success. That’s why Bench is offering 30 days of FREE bookkeeping + 20% discount on 6 months of bookkeeping to the Daily Success Routine clients and community. I want you to be one of those success stories!  

 Get Set Up In Minutes

Bench makes the entire set up process painless because they walk you through step-by-step over the phone.  


Let Go of the Accounting Learning Curve 

No need to manage any more debits and credits alongside multiple spreadsheets. Bench provides you the software and a bookkeeper that will give you a new level of confidence and clarity on the financial side of the business.  

Real-Time Data

Log into your Bench account at any time and check the pulse of your business or send a question to your bookkeeper and get the answers you need in 24 hours or less without an additional fee.

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Get a look inside why I choose to power Daily Success Routine with Bench Accounting. This service has been such a stress reliever for me that I couldn’t keep it to myself. Check it out risk free with 30 days free to get you started.


"I love Bench! In fact, I wish I had started out with them at the beginning of my business journey so I didn’t spend so much time trying to learn software and instead focused on being the leader of the company. I no longer have to spend hours when tax time is approaching to pull together a year of numbers. I put my business big girl panties on when I made the game-changing move to sign up with Bench! Now, I can make business decisions based on looking at the financials instead of guessing where we are. Bench gives me the software and the people that make sure I know exactly how the business is performing. I highly recommend Bench to all my clients."