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Hey Burnout Service Business Owner.
It’s time to get your life back.

I launched an online business that was bringing in consistent income with great client results but I was working 60+ hour weeks and not earning enough to pay myself a sustainable salary. I thought it would be easier to go back to the corporate world and build my business on the side, get those health bennie’s, cushy bi-weekly checks, guaranteed financial security, right?


I landed my dream role as director of marketing in New York City (cue Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song, New York). But after a few months of killing it, in my role, the company unexpectedly let me go. Turns out, there’s no job security after all. I had to figure out how to replace my six-figure corporate salary fast, but I couldn’t go back to the business model that left me hustling and overwhelmed.

You Can build simple systems that replace a corporate salary in 6-months and still have time for family, friends and dope vacations.

I knew there had to be a better way and I created it. I rebuilt my business from the ground up and eliminated the critical mistakes that most women entrepreneurs make that leave them juggling dropping all the balls, under earning and feeling stressed.

Want to know what allowed me to do it?

One simple word... systems. I stopped being a low-end buffet style business with everyone picking over my offerings. Instead, I created a high-end service, put sales, marketing, and client delivery systems in place so I could cast my dream team, sign my own bi-weekly paycheck (cha-ching!) and grow the company without burning out. Now, I want to show you how you can build a business and live your dream life too.

For the first time, I’m revealing my proven framework for creating, selling and systemizing a high-end offer that will allow you to replace your salary or add an additional $100K+ to your revenue without being stuck in client delivery or sacrificing weekends.

Breadwinners Mastermind

Are you ready for a Simple System to go from burnout to breadwinning by creating, selling and delivering a signature high-end service without sacrificing weekends with friends and family? We got you.  

Are you ready for a Simple System to go from burnout to breadwinning by creating, selling and delivering a signature high-end service without sacrificing weekends with friends and family? We got you.  

The Breadwinners Mastermind

A community of goal-getters, ongoing support, high-level strategies, tight back-office operations, mindset coaching, and a proven system for managing business and life to achieve more...

For Women running service-based  businesses committed to consistent growth that are ready to Play Bigger.

You're ready to go ALL IN. To slip on your flyest heels and step on the dance floor of unlimited financial potential. To serve clients and get them results. To surprise yourself with what's possible in your life and business simply by taking action and making different, more profitable decisions. You're done with seeing everyone else have huge wins and wondering "when will it happen for me"?

Let's be real, you can't work any more than you're already working, self-care feels like a pipe dream, But if you CAN'T get a hold of it all, it's going to keep costing you a WHOLE LOT of money.  

Maybe it's time you ask, “how can I make my business simpler and earn more?”

"What’s gonna take me from a
busy bee to a Breadwinning CEO?"


bread·win·ner /ˈbredˌwinər/

a person who earns money (a lot of it) to support 
a family, live their dream, and make an impact.


Are You Ready to Step Into Breadwinner Status?

Let me tell you what it means to be a Breadwinner...
Breadwinners are earning more than enough in their business to pay themselves a LUCRATIVE salary and cover the business bills.  

Breadwinners have systems and processes in place so their business is an asset, not a baby and has the ability to create long-term wealth.

Breadwinners have a DREAM team so they don't need their hand in all the day-to-day tasks of running the business and can take time off  whenever they feel like it.
“I was getting to a point where I was seeking something outside of my job to express myself. Through Daily Success Routine, I discovered that it’s possible.

I found that there are women who still have a job that provides for their needs while creating something for the world.”

Natalee, Birthing Coach

Here's what we'll do together in the

The Breadwinners Mastermind Program


Design your signature service

You'll design a signature service that allows you to sell your services at a premium price of $2K - $10K that will create big results for your people. You'll know what your promise is, how to message the offer and communicate EXACTLY what you do with confidence.
Even if you have a signature service, we'll make the right tweaks to get in front of more of your ideal buyers. 


Setup your client enrollment event

Spending all day on back to back sales calls? Who wants to spend their day like that. Having an enrollment will allow you to move your potential clients from cold to closed in a matter of days. We'll provide all the swipe files, checklist, and the sales calculator you need to finally step off the sales roller-coaster into the land of predicate revenue.


Build out your back-office systems

Stuck in overwhelm? You're not about that life anymore. We're going to show you how to hire your dream team, put your systems and process in place, and streamline your client delivery so you can get more done in fewer hours.
You'll put together your SOPs, learn to create a client management dashboard, and set up your business so that it can scale. 
● Design your signature offer so your business can make a sustainable level of revenue serving fewer people with better results.

● Map your Ideal Clients to your offer by knowing how to use our "detective research process" the reveals the exact needs that align with your offer.

● Set up an enrollment event that will allow you to onboard multiple high-quality clients at the same time, selling one to many instead of one-to-one.

● Systematize Your Client Delivery so that your not doing #allthethings by yourself. You'll learn to run your business like a well-oiled machine

Being the Breadwinner of Your Service
Business Equals More Freedom, More
Money, and More Impact

Nobody wants to search for new business every month, right? Imagine yourself 30 days from a series of business operations training's that will allow you to bring in a boat load of clients. It feels like your business is raining money and it's the largest amount of cash sitting in your bank account collecting interest you've ever had in your service business to date, and you're JUMPING FOR JOY. 

But more importantly, you're confident that you've finally tapped into a learning a step-by-step process for marketing online that works. Your frustration has officially been replaced with inspiration and you feel like a REAL boss. You know without a doubt that you've got the strategies, community and support you need to succeed for the long term. 

As a Breadwinner your foundation for business freedom has fallen into place and you can now give yourself permission to ...

  • Break free from the useless, “I don't know how" excuses and live up to your full potential. You've always known there was more for you waiting once you let go of self-doubt and mastered your mindset!
  • Hire help and get those $10 an hour task off your plate so you focus on your best work. No more being your own executive assistant, responding to customer service emails or messing around in Canva pretending to be a designer. Your #1 job is to be the visionary, create new life changing offers for your clients and grow the business.
  • ​Charge a whole heckuva lot more for your 1:1 coaching, consulting and services knowing you've got the systems and process to generate leads you can leverage at anytime. You change more lives, and increase your revenue with very little effort.
  • ​​Build out your back-office operations so your business is running like a well-oiled machine and you have confidence in your team's ability to run things without you.
  • ​​Unchain yourself from your laptop and spend more time doing what lights you up outside of your business. Whether it's traveling the world (dream trip to Paris, Brazil, the Caribbean, anyone?) or simply cozying up on the couch for quality time spent alone or with the people you love most. 
“I knew that I had to get organized in my business. What I didn’t know was there were tools and systems and trainers and people like you [Jamila] out there that can help us.

There was no way I was just gonna read a book, watch Youtube and figure it out myself.”

Grace, Insurance Agent

The Breadwinners Club is here to help you
Reach Breadwinner status

You won't get there overnight, but if you implement what you learn in Achievers and really lean in to the community, you'll have everything you need to consistently keep growing your service business BEYOND what
you ever thought possible.

Weekly Accountability

Mindset Coaching 

Action Planning 


Once a week we jump on a live coaching call where we check-in on what you’ve accomplished from the week before. This is part accountability and part training where you’ll get a break down in what's working now in the online business world when it comes to marketing and selling your services. You’ll learn how to implement these strategies in your own business-with time for questions, of course. 
Our team certified coach will help you conquer the negative naysayer inside of you. You’ll learn to clear your head of any mind drama and move forward confidently and trust yourself to make business decisions. 
Get your questions answered so you’re never paralyzed from taking action. These Q&A's are action packed. Show up with your general business questions or get your marketing materials, offers, or copy reviewed. 
Every month we focus on a specific area of your business that will help strengthen your systems, processes and add investable foundation to your business back-end. You probably started a business to create a better like for you, your family and community and that means converting your business baby into an asset that can create a legacy for generations to come. 

There's something critical I need you to know, girlfriend 

Achievers Club isn't going to pile more on your already full plate - this work is about creating a solid foundation, ongoing momentum and taking the actions that will add time back in your week so you can spend time with family, catch up with friends over brunch or enjoy a day of doing ABSOUTELY nothing . 

“I really didn’t have enough resources to propel me to the next step. I realized that I needed to do something different if I wanted to get results, something that was going to move me toward financial freedom.

I booked my first few non-relative clients. I can see the big picture now. The retreat opened my eyes up with things like having a money roadmap to hit my sales goals.” 

Charnee, Wedding Planner

Is the Achievers Club Mastermind right for me?
Achievers Club is created exclusively for women entrepreneurs. We love the guys, but our mission is to empower a diverse group of women to be successful.

​I'm just getting started in the business. Will this be too "advanced" for me? 
Nope, we welcome newbies that already have clients, seasoned entrepreneurs. In fact, if you are working on achieving your first 50K or 100K or even $1m, then, Achievers Club is here to help you set up the systems to do it. 
If I have a business partner can they join too?
Here in Achievers If your business is co-owned with another person, then the good news is, YES! they can participate in the membership at no additional cost!
What types of businesses are in the program? 
Achievers Club is focused on service-based entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. We currently have clients who are coaches, consultants, real estate agents, event planners, insurance agents, etc. 
Have a question that's not here? CONTACT US.

Empower You to Become a Breadwinner in Business and Build WEALTH without Hustling Harder, Wearing All the Hats, or Sacrificing Personal Time.

Daily Success Routine was founded by Jamila Payne, a Marketing Executive and Business Strategist. Throughout her career, Jamila has lead marketing campaigns for non-profits, national brands and served as the Inaugural Director of an entrepreneurship center based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lived for 2 years and traveled to ten different countries on the continent of Africa.
Today, she's the CEO at Daily Success Routine and visionary featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and the Wall Street Journal

The Daily Success Team includes educators, project managers, and certified life coaches that will set you up for growth and whip your business back-office into top-notch shape.

We are a female-owned and operated company focused on business operations, marketing an productivity training.

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