Did you know that women are earning only 80% of what their male counter parts make regardless of education or background? It’s an unfortunate reality, but the good news is that you do something so it won’t have to be your case.

While you can’t always pinpoint when you’ll get a raise, grow your business or hit the lottery, you can make some personal adjustments that will turn you into a money-making machine.

Don’t wait. Take action on how you want to grow your earning potential!

Join this online information session where we’re going to talk about how you can:

  • Clarify a GO plan to earn more, spend, save and invest for desired lifestyle
  • Learn habits and key performance metrics to monitor and grow earnings
  • Develop the mindset to ask the right questions, negotiate and go for what you want

Don’t let 2017 go by without having a clear plan on how to achieve your financial goals. Take a step towards money confidence today!



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